Can I Work Internationally with a Human Resources Degree?

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International HRIs your goal to work internationally with a Human Resources (HR) degree? If you have always dreamed of attaining a degree and then leaving the United States to work in another region of the world, it is very important that you choose a field where there is a need for professionals at a global level. If you are planning to study Human Resources or you are already enrolled in an HR program, you may be wondering if this is the right discipline to study to find employment with a multi-national company. Read on, and learn what you can do with your HR degree and which types of degrees will give you more leverage for international positions.

Types of Global HR Positions That You Can Pursue

With more and more corporations taking their businesses to other countries to lower operational costs, there has never been a greater need for HR professionals who are prepared to work on a global scale. If you want to fully prepare yourself for a Global HR career, you should consider becoming a member of the Society for Human Resources Management (SHRM). The organization can help match you to the right opportunities in the right region of the world. In addition to giving you access to job listings, the SHRM will also give you access to resources that can educate you on how to land an international HR position. Some of the many positions that you can apply for include: recruiters, benefits managers, employee relations professionals and trainers.

What Skills Do You Need to Work in Global HR?

It is important to attain the skills that you need to work internationally in a globally focused field like HR. If you would like to enter a global workforce, you will need to possess specific skills that will give you leverage in the employment marketplace. A global HR professional does a number of different things, from helping employees attain their visas to communicating with housing authorities to make settling in easier for tranferees. To be successful, you need to be able to pay strong attention to detail and be able to maintain good time management skills. Global HR professionals working overseas also need to be patient and have the perseverance to adjust to an unfamiliar culture or environment.

What Type of Degree is Best For Prospective Global HR Professionals?

Many of the skills and the knowledge that is needed to work internationally can be learned in a degree program that is designed specifically for people who want to work in global HR. The two programs that have the most focused curriculum are graduate programs. If you plan on earning an MBA or a Master’s degree, you should compare International MBA programs in Human Resource Management and Master of Arts programs in Global HR to see which curriculum is best for you and your goals. Human Resources departments have changed dramatically in the recent years. In a globally focused field like HR, you need to be prepared to work in diverse settings with a diverse body of professionals. Be sure that you take the time to look for the right degree program to enroll in and always look at qualifications for job openings; in this way you can be sure you will be able to work internationally with a human resources degree.

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