The 15 Cheapest Graduate Programs in Human Resources

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This is a list of the fifteen cheapest graduate programs in Human Resources. This field is as broad as business itself. All organizations large and small can benefit from leadership familiar with human resources best practices. We have included Masters of Science and Master of Arts programs in Human Resource Management and Human Resource Development, as well as a few MBA programs that provide students the chance to specialize in Human Resources Management.

Below are the 15 most affordable HRM programs out of a list of approximately 75 Human Resources programs offered online according to The National Center for Education Statistics. The tuition costs were taken directly from each school’s website.

#15. Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota: MA in Human Resource Management

The HRM program at SMUM is designed to prepare students to assume the role of strategic partner within their organization, or at a new organization. The program emphasizes the HR professional’s role in shepherding employees through organizational changes, dealing with difficult situations, and will equip the student with the tools necessary to become an effective leader in the field.

Tuition: $11,075.50

#14. Concordia University Wisconsin: Global MBA in Human Resource Management

This program is designed to equip business leaders with the tools to face the many administrative and ethical challenges troubling organizations. From small businesses to corporations, as well as non-profits, all businesses face challenges in the realm of human resources.  If these problems are left unaddressed they can become devastating. This program, an MBA at its core, is perfect for people looking to pick up some HR knowledge, which is critical for all management professionals.

Tuition: $11,070

#13. Brandman University: Master of Science in Human Resources

This program provides the training necessary for human resources professionals to take their career to the next level. The program emphasizes organizational optimization through the maximization of employee engagement. Students will also learn about conflict resolution, strategic management, staffing, various forms of compensation and more.

Tuition: $10,800

#12. Thomas Edison State College: MS in Human Resource Management

TESC has recognized the increasing academic requirements for leadership positions in human resources and has tailored their MSHRM program to meet the new standard of educational demands being made by companies and organizations. The TESC program draws on the latest research based data to provide students with a cutting edge understanding of the field.

Tuition: $10,782

#11. Regis University: MS in Organizational Leadership–Human Resources Management

The MSOL in HRM program offers a different perspective than programs like an MBA. The MSOL focuses on providing students with the leadership tools necessary to accomplish whatever tasks they have in mind. While the HRM focus allows students to concentrate on what it takes to maintain a healthy, safe, and productive atmosphere.

Tuition: $10,575

#10. University of Saint Mary: MBA–Human Resource Management

An MBA combined with the HRM concentration is a good choice for business professionals hoping to step into a leadership position within a company. All managers can benefit from a strong understanding of the Human Resources aspect of business, even if that is not their primary role. This program gives future business leaders the flexibility to serve in multiple roles, and is thus perfect for people looking to grow in small to mid-sized organizations.

Tuition: $10,440

#9. National University: MA in Human Resource Management

The HRM program at National University focuses on training students in the fundamentals required to adapt to the rapidly changing discipline of human resource management. Students learn how to apply case study through experiential learning. Students will also learn how to keep growing their knowledge of the field after they complete the program.

Tuition: $10,386

#8. Indiana Wesleyan University: MS in Human Resource Management

Indiana Wesleyan is a Christian university and strives to communicate to students the spiritual responsibility of a human resource manager, in addition to developing the technical aptitude. The program strives to communicate the principles of the field, presented in a Biblical framework. While this makes the program ideal for students seeking to work in a Christian religious organization, the principles of ethical conduct, and creating a safe, fulfilling, and productive work environment translate well into the non-sectarian business world.

Tuition: $9,648

#7. Bellevue University: MS in Human Resources Strategic Management

Bellevue offers students an extensive selection of online options. Bellevue has been offering online programs for a long time, and has been considered one of the best at online delivery by U.S. News and World Report for at least the past four years. The Human Resources Strategic Management program is designed for working professionals seeking to advance into a management position or make a move into HRM.

Tuition: $9,270

#6. Colorado State University: Master of Human Resource Management

The HRM program at CSU Global Campus provides students with the tools to create organizational success by focusing on effective staff development techniques. The program also provides students with a comprehensive understanding of the administrative and managerial duties of HR managers. This online human resources management program is also one of the most affordable available.

Tuition: $9,000

#5. Concordia University St. Paul: MA in Human Resource Management

In contrast to the MBA program offered by the other Concordia campus on this list, this MA in Human Resource Management is a more in-depth study of the discipline. The program is also significantly cheaper than many others offered; MBA programs tend to be the most expensive graduate programs offered by most schools.

Tuition: $8,550

#4. Indiana State University: MS in Human Resource Development

This program from Indiana State seeks to prepare students for careers in higher education, government, and industry. The focus on this program is on the development of employees. Internal development is essential for many organizations as the company itself has great influence over the training of employees, and it is a benefit to employees because it creates a clear path for advancement within the organization, limiting turnover, and discontent.

Tuition: $7,837.50

#3. Tarleton State University: MS in Human Resource Management

Tarleton is a part of the highly respected Texas State University System. This affordable human resource management program is designed to help students excel in business, non-profit, and government organizations.


#2. Troy University: MS in Human Resource Management

The program at Troy focuses on providing students with the analytical skills to recognize and address problems that can be solved through the application of Human Resources best practices. The program also trains students to design and implement HRM systems and programs that will benefit both employees and companies.

Tuition: $7,320

#1. Fitchburg State University: MBA in Human Resource Management

Fitchburg State University is a part of the Massachusetts public university system. The program covers all the essential aspects of Human Resource Management. Combine this with the fact that this is the cheapest graduate program in Human Resources, and you have our top choice.

Tuition: $4,185

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