Can I Pursue a Graduate Program in Human Resources While Working Full Time?

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If you’re a human resources professional wishing to expand your career options or move up in your current organization, you may be considering a graduate program in human resources (HR). You’re also likely wondering how you could possibly fit anything else into your already jam-packed schedule of work, home and family obligations. Graduate education does require a great deal of commitment and dedication, but you may be happy to know that it is possible to pursue a HR graduate program as a full-time working professional. These tips will show you how it can be done.

Choose Wisely

Your first step in discovering how to take on a graduate program in human resources while working is to carefully research your program options. A number of flexibly structured HR grad programs are available. Whether you should choose to enroll in an online degree or a part-time traditional campus program near you depends on your lifestyle and personal learning preferences. Do your research and consider your personal lifestyle and preferences when choosing a graduate program.

Get Serious About Time Management

Graduate school requires a big time commitment with its many reading assignments, papers and projects assigned. In order to accommodate these new tasks into your life, you’ll want to become vigilant about time management. Get a datebook or planner of some kind. It can be in paper form or electronic, whichever is your preference. Begin to schedule your daily responsibilities at the beginning of each week, and stick to that schedule. Once school starts, add your academic tasks, including a regular time slot for studying. This new routine will soon become a manageable way of life.

Communicate With Everyone

Your life is going to change, and it’s crucial that you make sure the people who are most important to you understand these changes. First, you’ll need to talk to your family and let them know what you will need from them, as well as assuring them that you will still be available. You’ll want to also be sure your employer is aware of the time constraints that will be placed on you. They may be able to provide you with some flexibility on the job when school deadlines are pressing. Even your friends should be aware that you will likely be less available to spend time with them. Working adult students need a support network. The people in your life will appreciate that you included them in your planning.

Always Ask for Help

Adult students are some of the most successful because they have life experience to guide them through new challenges. However, once in a while you may find yourself feeling overwhelmed or in need of some guidance. That’s why you should always take advantage of the resources available to you like academic advising and financial aid. These professionals can ease your and provide you with the knowledge you need to make informed decisions.

These tips should help you to see that it is possible to pursue a degree, despite your busy lifestyle. It simply takes planning, communication and time management in order to succeed in your graduate program in human resources.

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