How Can I Find an Internship in the Human Resources Field?

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Are you interested in applying for a human resources internship to familiarize yourself with the field prior to graduating from a higher education program? In a field like human resources, or HR, where policies and procedures are constantly changing, completing an internship can give you leverage as you compete for an entry-level position. If you are already enrolled in school and you have no clue how to start searching for internship opportunities, here are three valuable tips to help you start your search.

Connect with your Local Society for Human Resource Management Chapter

The Society for Human Resource Management, also referred to as the SHRM, is the largest HR membership organization in the nation. The organization helps provide students and professionals in the field with the knowledge and resources that they need to advance their professional practice. If you would like to start looking for internship opportunities, a good place to start is through this membership organization. You can look for these opportunities directly on their website or by stopping by your local chapter. Find out where the local chapter is located, consider becoming a student member, and have this organization dedicated to the scholarship of HR students help you find that internship.

Check With Your School’s Placement Office

Another place where you can begin looking for HR internships is through your schools student affairs office or career development center. This office helps connect students with both scholarships and internships. They may have a list of internships that you can sift through, or you may need to sit with an adviser to discuss your preferences and get matched to an opportunity. Schools offer students services as a part of the tuition that they pay. If you are serious about completing an internship, even when it is not required, you should take advantage of the services that you are paying for. Visit administration offices and you can start job hunting and even get tips on interviewing.

Search Online For Internship Opportunities

If you have not had much luck with your local chapter or the student affairs office, you can also use the Internet and search for active opportunities yourself. Plenty of platforms allow you to search for internship listings in a specific area and a specific field. You can also search for opportunities through specific companies that you are interested in working for. While many of these companies do not advertise their openings, you can find contact information on the Internet and then begin calling these contacts after you forward your resume and your cover letter to their human resources department. Be sure you have a professional resume that will stand out and highlight your skills as a student.

Landing an internship in the field of Human Resources can be difficult, but with some research and dedication it is possible to find the right opportunity. Many individuals who have completed an opportunity have secured a job with a leading company before they even graduate from school. If you want this to be you, you should start brushing up on your interviewing skills so that the employer can see your abilities and your dedication to the field. Get your resume prepared with school and volunteering experience, and start applying to the best human resources internship opportunities.

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