How Do I Prepare for the GPHR Certification Exam?

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If you are working in the fast-growing human resources field and are interested in becoming certified as a Global Professional in Human Resources, the first step is to prepare for taking the GPHR certification exam. Obtaining the highly respected GPHR credential will provide you with the unparalleled opportunity for international advancement by demonstrating your proficiency in assuming HR responsibilities within the global business marketplace. Becoming certified as a GPHR is suggested to help you prove your commitment to the HR profession, build confidence in international operations, expand knowledge of core international practices, stay updated on HR regulatory requirements, and open doors for professional advancement. Before test day rolls around, read on to find the top strategies to prepare for the GPHR certification exam to have the highest chance at success.

Complete Online Practice Tests

Completing full GPHR practice tests online is an excellent way for you to get a good idea of the structure of the certification exam and track your progress towards being prepared for testing day. Practice tests will ensure you have the practical HR knowledge needed to not only recall facts, but also apply them in wading through a variety of possible solutions in the multiple-choice questions. In addition to online assessments, you can also decide to purchase study guides that will provide ample information about the HR certification process and offer tactics to prepare for the examination. For the best preparation, be sure to create a good testing environment with no distractions and time your work like the actual test.

Join a Local Study Group or Course

When preparing for any examination, it can be extremely beneficial to join a study group to stay motivated in your progress and have peers to exchange knowledge with. Local professional association groups like the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) or the College and University Professional Association for Human Resources (CUPA-HR) offer a great resource for connecting with other HR professionals who are also preparing for HR certification exams. Additionally, colleges and universities deliver certification prep courses to continuing education students that can expand your learning in preparation for receiving GPHR certification. Participating in a comprehensive test preparation course can serve as a reference tool for maximizing your experiences and further developing your global responsibilities.

Acquire Experiential Learning

Since the GPHR exam is focused on evaluating your professional competencies in the international business world, another effective method of preparation is acquiring more experiential learning opportunities, especially if you lack significant work experience in the global HR community. You may want to shadow or interview HR professionals in your organization to inquire about which areas you should strive to improve. Create formal or informal mentoring relationships with other Certified GPHR professionals to receive first-hands tricks for passing the examination with flying colors. Hands-on experience is the best way to build upon your previous education to develop the skills needed for the best opportunity for receiving a high score on the GPHR exam.

Along with following these strategies, it is suggested that you create an effective study plan to guarantee that daily life does not hinder your study time. When preparing for the GPHR certification exam, set aside a workstation with study materials at hand, use your learning style to your advantage, keep track of your daily progresses, stick to a realistic schedule, and identify your weakest areas of global HR knowledge for improvement before test day.

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