How do I Prepare for the GRE?

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Those who take the time to prepare for the GRE can expect the highest scores. It’s important to understand that GRE scores can be drastically improved by study, and there are several different ways you can prepare for the test. The following are some of the best means of preparing for the exam:

Buying a study guide

The first step to preparing for the exam is buying a good study guide that will walk you through all of the different question types that you’ll be likely to see on the GRE. Usually, a study guide will include a section on the verbal, mathematics, and writing portion of the exam. After you’ve walked through the explanations that the section offers, you’ll be able to go through the sample questions. Usually, a GRE study guide will also include at least one practice test at the end that will allow you to run through the entire GRE. Then, you can calculate your score on the verbal and mathematics sections to see how you do.

Taking a preparation course

There are several different companies that run review courses that will help you when you are preparing for the GRE. Two prominent companies offering such courses are Kaplan and Princeton Review. In these courses, you will be instructed by teachers who have already proven their abilities by scoring highly on the GRE. You will learn proper test-taking techniques, and you will also be able to zero in on improving your abilities with parts of the exam that you have trouble on. When you take a preparation course, you will be able to take advantage of the study resources offered by the facility that gives you the course, including study guides, computer programs, practice tests, and more.

Planning things out

Preparing for the GRE isn’t just about studying. It’s also about planning for success. How you plan out the day of your test has an important influence over how well you do. You need to schedule for the test for a date in the future that will give you enough time to prepare. You also should schedule the exam for a time of day at which you will be well rested. Plan out your GRE study so that you take some time out regularly to prepare rather than cramming for the exam at the last minute. You’ll do best if you succeed in keeping yourself motivated, so you might want to also take time to look into the graduate programs you will be applying for as you study. You’ll also do best if you make studying for the exam something fun that you enjoy doing. Get enough sleep the night before the exam, and make sure that you eat well before you take the test.

Your score on the GRE will have a strong influence over what graduate programs you’ll be accepted to. This in turn will have a strong influence on your career. Taking the time to prepare for the GRE is one of the most important steps in preparing for graduate level studies.

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