How Much do HR Generalists Earn?

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An HR generalist performs professional functions related to human capital and labor in a business setting. As a generalist, you can expect to run recruitment events, screen applicants, interview candidates, develop training practices, create job profiles, oversee benefits coordination, and ensure compliance with federal and state labor laws.

Since you hold so much responsibility as a generalist, it is important to review the qualification requirements along with your earning potential. Before you enroll in a degree program to master concepts and develop skills, be sure that you know how much you can potentially earn after you pay that tuition.

What is the Average Salary of HR Generalists Nationwide?

On average, HR generalists in the United States earn $57,420 per year. Out of the generalists surveyed, professionals in the 90th percentile earned as much as $98,130 per year while wage earners in the lowest 10th percentile earned $33,630. This is according to the latest report released by the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Difference in Wages by Industry

There are a number of factors that can impact your earning potential in Human Resources. As a generalist, it is important to pursue jobs in the most secure industries with the highest salary averages. Based on the same report conducted by the BLS, generalists working for companies in science and technology earn the highest wages. The government and manufacturing industries are close behind in this occupation and all rank higher than the national average in terms of pay.

Other Factors That Can Affect Your Salary in HR

Not only is the industry that you work in important, you also need to consider your personal factors and how they can affect your ability to find a high-paying generalist job. If you would like to set yourself up for success, it is important to learn how your choices in college can affect your salary as a professional. Here are some of the common factors that affect how much an HR generalist will make:

  • Region you work in (Larger cities like Chicago, San Francisco, New York and Philadelphia pay highest.)
  • Your degree (Most companies require a bachelor’s degree)
  • Your credentials (Having a certifications increases your pay)
  • Years of experience
  • Organization’s size and longevity
  • Performance on the job
  • Responsibilities and duties

How Much Does it Cost to Earn a Degree in HR?

HR employment has been projected to grow above average for years and the projections are not slowing. Since there is a demand for professionals, it is time to consider whether or not it makes sense to earn your degree. The easiest way to do this is to compare your earning potential to the cost of earning a degree.

The actual cost of tuition varies from school to school, but if you intend on earning a bachelor’s majoring in HR, you can expect to pay an average of $25,588 per year. Even with financial aide, you will be stuck paying loans for several years. With this being said, you can cut down on your costs by attending a community college first and transferring for the final 2 years of your degree.

If you are proactive in keeping college costs down, it is possible to complete school without raking up more than $100,000 of debt. As long as you plan ahead and you choose the right industry to work in, your degree to work as an HR generalist could present real value.

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