Is Human Resource Management a Growing Field?

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Human resource management is a career that is growing about as fast as average for all careers in the United States, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Thirteen percent growth is projected for this field by 2022, which will result in approximately 13,600 new jobs. What’s more, related positions in this field are also expected to increase. Read on to learn more about the career landscape for human resources management and steps to take if you’re interested in this career.

Career Outlook for Human Resources Management

While growth in this field varies widely from company to company, overall expansion of existing companies and creation of new companies will require new human resource managers to ensure that employees are hired, benefits administered, and other necessary operations in this realm. Managers will also be needed to stay abreast of complex and fluid employment laws to ensure that employees are treated fairly and policies administered correctly. Despite the decent growth in this field, strong competition is expected for most positions, so earning a master’s degree is a good way to get a leg up on the other candidates and help yourself stand out. The states with the highest concentrations of jobs in this field include Washington, DC, Minnesota, Connecticut, Massachusetts, and Washington, all of which pay salaries well above the national average.

Becoming a Human Resources Manager

Human resources managers typically have at least a bachelor’s degree and several years of work experience in the field, as an assistant or specialist, before becoming a manager. However, a master’s degree in human resources is becoming increasingly common for those in this position. Certification is not required, but will help bolster your resume and make you more attractive to employers. Certificate programs in a variety of disciplines within the human resources field are available through the HR Institute.

What the Job Entails

Human resources managers earn an average annual salary of more than $99,000. Those in corporation management tend to earn the highest salaries, followed by scientific services, manufacturing, government, and health care. Human resources managers are responsible for planning and overseeing the administrative functions of an organization, including hiring and training new staff and developing policies for this process, working on strategic planning with other company executives, and making sure that employees have a fair and honest link between themselves and management. The ideal candidate for this position will have excellent interpersonal, leadership, public speaking and organizational skills as well as a true desire to work with people.

While this is not one of the most rapidly growing fields, it should still offer decent opportunities to candidates who are diligent and well versed in the principles of human resources and the intricacies of employment law. If you’re interested in getting into human resource management consider shadowing someone who is already working in the field to get a true sense of what the job entails.

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