Other Than a HR Manager, What Type of Jobs Could I Get with a Human Resource Degree?

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Human resource jobs all seem to follow a basic path. Nearly everyone who gets a human resources degree will become an HR manager. While this is the most common job for degree holders, it’s definitely not the only one. There are several other jobs in this field that you might be interested in.

Senior Recruiter

Most human resource jobs involve some recruiting, but this career exclusively deals with finding great workers and getting them to work for the company that you represent. If you work for a smaller business, then this will probably just involve interviewing applicants and trying to find qualified candidates in your general area.

If you work for a larger business, then you’ll probably have to scout the field and look for great talent. This is a little harder, but you’ll often make more money.

HR Consultant

If you want to work in a freelance capacity, then a consulting job might be perfect. You’ll travel to different companies and help them with general and advanced tasks. For example, you might have to deal with labor relations, payroll issues or interviewing applicants. It largely depends on your experience and what the company needs. While you won’t get a steady income, you can typically charge more for tasks. Most consultants make more money than general HR workers.

It’s best to get a human resource job before becoming a consultant so that you understand the field.

HR Generalist

This is similar to being a consultant because your tasks will always change, but the major difference is that you’ll work for a company rather than being a freelancer. The generalist is trained in most HR positions and tasks, which allows him or her to do nearly any task for the company. You’ll assist with contracts, interview applicants, implement safety regulations and much more. This is perfect for those who love variety, but it might get difficult if you want to work on standard tasks.

Labor Relations Manager

This is somewhat similar to being an HR manager, but the focus of the job is different. An HR manager will usually work with all of the employees in a general capacity. The labor relations manager will specifically work with labor relations programs to ensure that corporate policies are properly utilized by the labor side of the company. You’ll also collect data and assist with contracts with unions or labor representatives.

Administrative Assistant

This is typically one of the easiest human resource jobs to get because it’s an entry-level position. The administrative assistant will work in an office setting. He or she will be tasked with helping the employer around the office with basic tasks, filing, sending emails, calling clients and anything else that the employer needs.

While this might be a good starting job, most degree holders will move on to something that focuses on human resources. That’s because most administrative assistants will be promoted to oversee the office, but they typically won’t handle many HR tasks.


While HR manager is the most typical job for human resources degree holders, it’s definitely not the only occupation. You can help with labor relations, work as a freelancer or recruit talent for the company. There are many human resource jobs, but they can be hard to find if you aren’t dedicated to them.

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