What are Some Good Blogs for Human Resources Professionals?

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If you’re an HR professional, one of the best ways to stay on top of your field is to follow blogs for human resources professionals.

Your job comes with a great deal of responsibility. Companies have always needed quality HR departments to maintain consistent policy, acquire top talent and to maintain compliance with regulations. The landscape in this industry is constantly changing, and staying on top of these happenings can be a bit more streamlined and fun by just reading the blogs of some of the leaders in HR.

Follow these human resources blogs if you want to be abreast of what’s important in your career and ensure your department is on par.

HR Bartender

The tagline of this HR blog is, “Work responsibly.” While it’s evident that there is a humorous twist to her website, Sharlyn Lauby is a serious professional and HR consultant who knows her stuff. HR Bartender has been around since 2008, and Sharlyn provides regular post updates to continue to inform her readers on a broad range of workplace related topics.

Everyday People

At his blog, Everyday People, Steve Browne focuses on the ways in which human resources and workers interact. As people are the primary force behind the need for HR, it makes sense that Steve’s perspective is a popular one among HR pros and workers alike. Much of his content is related to the pursuit of passion on the job and the ways in which HR can help to develop that passion.

Ask a Manager

Alison Green of Ask a Manager is dedicated to providing straight forward answers to the most frequently asked questions employees have of managers. It’s no surprise that she receives over a million visitors each month, as most people want to know how to best approach the person who holds so much influence over their professional lives. Alison posts numerous times daily, so you’ll be sure to find her expert take on a just about any important work question that comes to mind.

The Chief Happiness Officer

Another of the must-read blogs for human resources professionals is The Chief Happiness Officer. The blog’s author, Alexander Kjerulf, blogs weekly about ways to increase your happiness both at work and in your personal life. Everyone wants to be a little happier, right?

Monster Thinking

Monster Thinking is the blog of the popular job site, Monster. This blog has everything you’d want to find when it comes to the world of work and human resources. HR personnel, employees and job candidates at all levels of experience will find helpful information that pertains to them and their specific needs.

About Human Resources

The folks at About.com provide a wealth of informative guides in practically any subject area of interest. So, of course, they have a stellar blog about the world of HR. Led by Susan M. Heathfield, About Human Resources is a great place for newbies or those in start ups to find resources to help them get started such as free job descriptions, interview questions and workplace policies.

There are so many other fantastic HR resources out there online. This list is a comprehensive starting point if you’re interested in reading quality blogs for human resources.

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