What Are Some Good Online Resources for Human Resources Professionals?

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There are a number of valuable, online resources for human resources professionals out there. Each resource offers it own unique angle and contributions to the field. Finding these great resources is just a matter of knowing where to look. Read along as we highlight some of today’s most relevant and helpful, online resources for human resources pros.

Society for Human Resource Management

The Society for Human Resource Management, or SHRM, is a leading and highly authoritative online resource for those in HR. SHRM offers memberships to HR professionals as well as officially accredited certifications. HR Magazine and online publications by the society offer lots of current information. A vast wealth of individual offerings fill the website’s “Resources” area. Those preferring more person-to-person interaction can also benefit from the site’s wealth of event information.


LinkedIn is a massive, professional networking site. Users can create a complete, online, professional identity, associate with others in like fields, generate business deals, hire and seek employment, and more. According to recent statistics LinkedIn is used by over 39-million recent graduates and current students. 27-28% of all internet users are also said to use the site. With so much traffic broken down into specific fields, HR hiring needs can easily be met here, all in one stop.

Fistful of Talent Twitter Feed

Yet another great online resource for HR pros is the Twitter Feed, Fistful of Talent. This modern and very social take on all things HR leaves no subject uncovered. The popular feed posts daily and is maintained and contributed to by a slew of respectables in the industry. HR professionals frequent this site due to its wide array of current and hip HR information and buzzworthy news offerings.

CareerBuilder for Employers Twitter Feed

CareerBuilder is a sort of authority on all sides of the employee-employer spectrum. Having been around for many years, it has branched out into a number of valuable venues. The CareerBuilder for Employers Twitter Feed is one such valuable offering. Here, visitors can glean a wealth of knowledge on today’s HR realm. Individual resources at this feed include current news on hiring trends, insightful articles, podcasts, discussion forums, and educational infographics. There is no shortage of human resource material at this CareerBuilder feed for employers.


Finishing off our list, HumanResources.org is yet another highly valuable, authoritative, online resource for HR professionals. Visitors to the organization’s website can peruse volumes of resource sections on the field, read about many relevant, current events, become a member, and even get information regarding outings, seminars, and events across the country. The site also offers a job posting forum, newsletters, points of contact for additional resources, and much more.

For human resource professionals, we are living in a time of plenty when it comes to resources, information, and professional association. These five websites are tops in such valuable offerings in the world of human resources. To get in touch with even more online resources for human resources, we recommend visiting any of these above-mentioned, trusted sites and inquiring within.

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