What Careers Can I Pursue with a Human Resources Degree?

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A person who graduates with a human resources degree has a lot of occupations to consider. There are many companies and businesses that have human resource departments. They handle a variety of issues related to employees. These departments need educated, qualified individuals working in them. Consider some of the different human resource careers for someone who holds this type of degree.

A Human Resources Manager

A human resources manager is one career option for a person with this degree to take a look at. A human resources manager may work for a large company that hires many people. This professional interviews job candidates, evaluates resumes calls candidates and creates employee training programs. A human resources manager is in charge of hiring competent employees so the company can perform to its full potential. A person in this occupation may also go out to colleges to recruit quality employees to work for a company after they graduate. If a human resources manager does his or her job right, the company will end up with a group of qualified employees who work to make the company the best in its field.

A Human Resources Analyst

Once again, a large company with lots of employees would likely have at least one human resources analyst on staff. This professional compiles reports and data based on the performance of the various employees at a company. The person keeps track of employee attendance and training in order to ensure that all employees are putting forth their best efforts. The research done by a human resources analyst allows him or her to see where improvement is necessary. A human resources analyst can suggest various positive changes to a company’s owner based on this important research. A person in this occupation should enjoy conducting research and drawing conclusions from it.

A Human Resources Assistant

This professional helps job candidates fill out applications and complete the proper paperwork when applying for a job position. By ensuring that all of the paperwork is in order, a human resources assistant helps the company to hire new employees in an efficient way. When a piece of paperwork is omitted or lost, it causes a delay in the hiring process. This can be a waste of time and money for a company. In order to have success in the job, a human resources assistant should be organized and pay a lot of attention to administrative details so nothing is left undone.

A Human Resources Director

A person who selects this career in human resources is in charge of making sure that employees are complying with a company’s policies. If there is a problem, this person must retrain employees or review policies with them. It’s critical for the employees of a company to follow established regulations. A human resources director may also create or develop policy according to the needs of a company. In short, if there is ever a question about the meaning of a policy or regulation, the human resources director is the person who can answer that query.

Finally, someone who wants to pursue one of the many different human resource careers must love to work with people. Also, this field of work requires professionals with great communication skills and a high level of organization.

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