What is a Training Development Manager?

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If you want to help enhance the knowledge and the skills of human capital within an organization, you may want to consider pursuing a career as a training development manager. Training and development is extremely important in all industries if businesses want to operate as efficiently as possible. A training manager who is in charge of the development of new hires and also of veteran employees who need to advance their skills plays a major role in the success of an organization. If you are a teacher at heart and you would like to work in a corporate environment, find out more about what a training development manager does by reading on.

What Does a Training and Development Manager Do?

Training does not stop after a new hire learns the skills that they need to perform their duties after their are hired. After an employee completes new hire training, they may need to be enrolled in more training programs to improve their performance or to enhance their skills for later promotions. A training and development manager, who is technically employed in the Human Resources department, will design, deploy and supervise training programs and other employee programs designed for development.

The programs will be developed to cover specific activities while still keeping employees engaged. Managers may not work directly with trainees, but they will oversee trainers to ensure that employees are building their skills by completing their training courses. If a manager notices that a trainer is having difficulty with a subject, they will help the trainer improve their own training and interpersonal skills to strengthen their performance. Training managers also work with other departmental supervisors so that they can connect with their staff and motivate them to succeed with new techniques.

Why is There Such a Large Need for Talented Training Managers

Training and development managers are so crucial in an organization for a number of reasons. Human resources is a very strategic department that assesses an organization’s needs for staffing and hires new staff to meet these needs without overstaffing. As a manager in training in development, you will help develop potential executives so that you can replace leaders and executives who may be retiring in the near future or who are not performing as well as the company would like. They will also help identify key areas where staff need to improve so that they can design training to make the workplace more efficient with classroom training, lectures, distance learning, videos and other instructional technologies. In some ways, the efficiency of operations rely strongly on the skills of the training and development manager in the organization.

If you want to pursue a career in Human Resources as a training manager, the first step is to earn your Bachelor’s degree in Human Resource Management (HRM). Some employers will prefer a professional who has a Master’s degree in a related field or an MBA in HRM. Once you possess a degree, you may need to land an entry-level position to gain experience in the field prior to becoming a manager. You will be happy to hear that the field is growing as fast as average, and the Bureau of Labor Statistics projects growth of 11 percent by 2022. Study to become a training development manager and satisfy a need for new trained professionals while the demand is high.

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