What is the American Council on International Personnel?

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Many aspiring human resource professionals who are interested in global affairs and are seeking to receive the GPHR certifications inquire about the American Council on International Personnel (ACIP). Since its inception in 1972, the ACIP recently changed its name to the Council for Global Immigration in 2013 to better reflect its service to its members. As a non-profit association, the Council for Global Immigration is the world’s only employer network that is strongly devoted to bridging the private and public sectors to promote sensible employment-based immigration policies. If you are interested in learning more about how the Council helps develop global mobility teams to comply with regulations that govern the employment of foreign workers, read on to learn everything you should know about this long-standing association.

Council for Global Immigration’s Mission

The Council for Global Immigration is the leading resource for employers working around the globe to guarantee compliance with immigration policies to employ critical talent for remaining competitive in today’s dynamic global marketplace. Therefore, the Council has formed the mission of providing support to member organizations with the knowledge, network, skills, and access needed to advance employment-based immigration. The Council strives to promote ethical standards for the HR world to comply with all employment laws, choose the course of highest integrity, treat all workers with dignity regardless of national origin, and respect others’ confidentiality. The Council for Global Immigration advocates on behalf of its member organizations, offer technical assistance for complying with immigration policies, working with leading employers to support international interns, and providing education to HR professionals to overcome obstacles in recruiting global talent.

Events Held by the Council for Global Immigration

Whether it is occurring in the United States or abroad, the Council for Global Immigration is dedicated to staying actively involved in current developments in employment-based immigration worldwide. Each year, the Council promotes professional development for HR professionals through continuing education courses, training workshops, webinars, teleconferences, networking events, roundtable discussions, industry conferences, and the Annual Symposium. When member organizations participate in Council for Global Immigration events, they are able to develop essential knowledge surrounding the unique hiring process for foreign employees while adhering to federal government regulations. As a strategic partner of the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), the Council holds these events to ensure talent managers can acquire and retain foreign workers for a truly global workforce.

Numerous Benefits of Council Membership

The Council offers membership to corporations, universities, research institutions, and organizations with at least 500 employees who have at least one location outside America. When employers pay the low rate of $990 each year, membership is extended to all HR employees who can benefit from the services. Some of the most notable advantages are networking with other in-house immigration professionals, high-quality employer-driven solutions, agency liaison with federal policymakers, and ongoing professional development. In building a diverse workforce, the Council for Global Immigration is also designated as a J-1 visa program sponsor by the Department of State to provide members with the chance to bring international students to the U.S. for professional training.

Overall, the Council is focused on helping employers advance growth across the United States through innovation and job creation by supporting HR employees as they navigate the most pressing talent management issues related to global workers. Formerly known as the ACIP, the Council for Global Immigration provides members access to the knowledge necessary for competing for talent in the evolving global marketplace with effective immigration policies.

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