What is the Average Salary for Someone With a Human Resource Degree?

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Having a career in the human resources field can end up being a very lucrative career option and the average human resources salary will vary based on several different factors. There are five factors in particular that will influence how much money a human resources professional will earn.


The first factor that will influence what the average salary will be for someone with a HR degree is whether they are in a management position or not. HR generalists that are just starting out may not make too much money, but once they get into a management role that is involved in developing a HR policy and overseeing all of the HR staff, their income could start to increase considerably.


Another factor that will influence the amount of money that you could make if you are in the HR field is what industry you are in. Those that work for companies that are in the finance, engineering, computer science, and some healthcare fields could end up making a lot of money. However, those that work in HR in fields that pay their employees a lower amount will end up making less money.


The education that you have is the third factor that will influence what the average human resource salary will be. When it comes to your education, you should expect to need at least a bacherlor’s degree to qualify for some of the best jobs. When getting an undergraduate degree, you should try to get a HR degree, but also complement it with a relevant minor or second major, such as in marketing, psychology, or management. If you want to have even more income potential, you should consider getting a masters degree in the field as well.


The fourth factor that will influence what your average salary potential will be is the amount of experience that you will have.g Most entry level HR employees make a decent salary, but will not have too much potential to earn a lot of money right away. Once they have started working fog r a few years and learn more about the field, they will qualify for better jobs, which will come with higher paying salaries. Overall, HR generalists could expect to earn far more once they have seven to ten years of experience.


For those that are looking to get a higher level of compensation while staying in the HR field, another way to increase earning potential is to have a specialty that will be in demand with employers. In today’s work environment, one of the most important specialties to have would be in healthcare. Companies are frequently looking to hire those that understand the current healthcare law, know how to determine whether the company is compliant with the law, and be able to provide the company with advice on how to become compliant. Having a specialty in marketing would also be beneficial. Those that are skilled in marketing will have an easier time marketing open positions and filling them with qualified employees.

In conclusion, a human resources professional can earn a good income throughout your career. The average human resource salary will vary based on several factors.

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