What is the Best Minor to Complement my Human Resource Degree?

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Getting a degree in human resources could be a great way to get a job in that field, but finding the best minor to complement a human resources degree would also be a great way to enhance your education. There are several majors in particular that would greatly complement your HR degree and make your overall education more well-rounded. 


The first minor that would complement your human resources degree well is marketing. One of the most important parts of a job of human resources managers is to attract new employees. While it seems that it would be easy to find a qualified candidate, this can actually be a pretty big challenge for many employers. Those human resources professional that have a marketing background as well will be able to market the business and benefits to a potential employee, which will make it easier for the business to attract the top employees.


Another minor that would complement your human resources degree well is psychology. Human resources professionals are often tasked with handling difficult personnel situations that occur in the workplace. This can often mean dealing with difficult personalities, dealing with people that are angry or frustrated, and trying to find middle ground in tough situations. Those that have a background in psychology will get to learn all about the human mind, how it works during tough situations, and how people should be dealt with during difficult times. This could make any human resources professional far more useful in challenging situations.

Business Management

Another minor that will be a good complement to a degree in HR is to get a minor in business management. For some smaller organizations, HR representatives are considered some of the highest ranking people in the company. Those that choose to pursue a degree in HR will benefit if they have a minor in management because it will give the background to manage and lead groups of people. Those that have HR and management educational experience will also have a better chance of landing a position working as a HR consultant, which could lead to a very lucrative career path.

Minor Specific to the Industry

When you are looking for a minor, you should also consider getting a minor that is specific to the industry that you want to work in. For example, if you would like to get a job working in HR for an investment bank, getting a degree in finance of business would be a good option. Businesses will like to see that their HR representatives have this relevant experience as it will give the representatives the ability to speak to employees in an educated manner about issues that they are facing in the workplace.


In conclusion, getting a major in human resources will be a great way to improve your education and get a job in the field. To enhance your education, it would also be beneficial to get a minor that is related to the field. For those that are looking for the best minor to complement their human resources degree, there are several minors that they should consider getting, which will provide valuable areas of education.


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