What Type of International Programs Are Available to Human Resource Majors?

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If you’re currently an undergraduate student who is working towards starting a career in the human resources field, you may be wondering about international programs for human resource majors. Whether you’re entering your freshman year or are getting ready to graduate, you should be able to find a program that will work for you.

Study Abroad

Studying abroad is a great opportunity for students who normally wouldn’t have the means to spend some time in another country. Most international programs for human resource majors are independent from your school, but studying abroad usually isn’t. If you’re already in college, talk to your advisor about spending a summer, semester or year overseas. You’ll be able to earn credits towards your degree while having a once-in-a-lifetime experience. If you haven’t started college yet, you could even consider applying to international schools and spending all four of your years as an undergraduate in a new country. While only around¬†one percent of American college students study abroad, scholarships, students loans and fundraising opportunities make it possible for all types of individuals to experience living in another country. Over half of all American study-abroad students head to Europe, but there are programs that allow students to travel to almost anywhere in the world as long as the country in question is safe.


If you’re in the middle of your degree program and are comfortable at your school, you may not feel like giving up a semester at your current university so that you can travel. The good news is that many international programs for human resource majors are held during the summer. Keep in mind, though, that interning abroad isn’t going to make you any money. While some human resources internships in the United States are paid, you’ll have a few expenses if you want to see the world. For instance, almost all internship programs require students to pay their own transportation costs. If you’re lucky, your program may offer you room and board, or even a small stipend, but don’t count on it. Depending on your goals, however, you might find that the cost of interning abroad is worth it.

Volunteer Programs

Most companies, whether for-profit or non-profit, require human resources professionals. Because of this, there are plenty of international programs for human resource majors that are looking for volunteers. If you’re still in school, look for a program that only lasts two or three months, but if you’re getting ready to graduate, think about volunteering for an extended period of time. If you’re willing to stay and work for an international charity for a year or more, you’ll probably be able to find a program that will offer to pay for your living expenses. Larger charities will usually allow you to work as a human resources professional full-time, but if you decide to work at a smaller place, don’t be surprised if you’re asked to fulfill quite a few different duties. Depending on the program, you may be expected to live in rather basic living conditions.

Traveling to another country for any period of time is an amazing experience for students. Since there are all sorts of international programs for human resource majors, you should be able to find an opportunity that’s right for you.

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