Human Resource Degrees in Colorado (R-Z)

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Career advancement and stability await graduates with human resources degrees in Colorado. Available work opportunities await HR degree holders from entry level positions as human resource assistants to higher level administrative posts for those with increased experience or qualifications. Job prospects are projected to be particularly strong through 2022 for those in mid-level to higher level management positions. Human resource personnel ensure that businesses operate efficiently by managing existing labor relations, successfully recruiting new hires, and upholding industry standards for workplace protocols. The need for qualified human resource staff is so important in Colorado that there are even businesses dedicated to outsourcing HR services to other companies and corporations.

Regis University

College for Professional Studies

Regis University is a private institution providing students with opportunities to make positive global impacts as educated professionals. The school has received numerous awards and distinctions over the years for its innovative programming from such nationally recognized publications as U.S. News and World Report and the Wall Street Journal. The College of Professional Studies houses RU’s School of Management which offers 26 different undergraduate and graduate business programs. The university holds accreditation by the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools overseen by the Higher Learning Commission. Its College of Professional Studies is also recognized for its Human Resources programs by the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM).

Bachelor of Science in Business: Human Resource Specialization

This 128 credit hour program provides instruction in the foundations of business principles emphasizing human resource management practices. Following the SHRM’s approved curriculum, students learn the skills, theories, current trends and business ethics required of HR employees in the workplace. Graduates possessing a B.S. in Business with an HR specialization will find employment in multiple business sectors as strategic planners, job coaches, recruiters, benefits administrators, or compliance regulators. This degree is also a foundation for pursuing further education and can be fast-tracked with one of RU’s master’s programs in business if desired.

Bachelor of Science in Human Resource Management

The B.S. in HRM also aligns with SHRM’s approved curriculum and provides more intensive study of human resource management principles and ideals in the workplace. The 128 credit program emphasizes the role of corporate culture on business practices, the impact of economic trends on hiring and personnel management, and how organizational behaviors affect work ethics. Graduates will find employment in HR roles such as program developers, job trainers, records’ administrators, strategic planners, benefits and compensation coordinators, or community and employee advisers. When combined with one of the master’s programs in business, students can earn both degrees at the same time.

MSOL in Human Resource Management and Leadership

Management and Leadership focuses on study from a strategic perspective to: advance critical thinking skills; create a climate of positive, organizational change; promote effective risk-taking practices for growth; and develop vision-based, ethical values for the 21st century workplace. The program is one of only 166 nationwide to be recognized by the SHRM for following its curriculum at this level. Students can opt to earn one master’s in HRM, one in Leadership or complete a dual specialization and earn both degrees. Coursework covers approximately 30 hours of study. The program is designed for current working professionals or undergraduates desiring to complete a master’s in conjunction with their bachelor’s degree. Graduates with this degree will enjoy a greater variety of advancement opportunities in the workplace or find starting positions in higher level HRM positions.

Regis University
3333 Regis Boulevard
Denver, Colorado 80221-1099
(800) 944-7667 (Toll free)
B.S. in Business with HRM Specialization
B.S. in HRM
MSOL in HRM and Leadership

University of Colorado – Denver

Business School

The University of Colorado at Denver is a comprehensive, public institution offering more than 130 programs at undergraduate and graduate degree levels. It is committed to providing innovation and diversity in its educational programming and has been ranked nationally in publications like Forbes Magazine. In addition, degrees from UCD’s Business School are highly regarded in the business community according to university sources. UCD is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools.

Bachelor of Science in Business – Human Resources Management

With an emphasis in human resources management, this bachelor’s degree prepares aspiring HR professionals for developing the necessary competencies to be effective in personnel management and development careers. All business majors take the 120 credit hours required for a bachelor’s degree, which includes core components in business principles. Business students with an HRM emphasis will also study coursework about: staffing procedures, workplace management principles, leadership skills, organizational change, training protocols, performance evaluations, and oversight of compensation and benefits programs. Graduates can expect numerous employment opportunities at entry level positions within the HR field.

Master of Science in Management with Managing Human Resources Specialization

Coursework follows the standard core curriculum for a Master of Science in Management and Organization with additional classes in the HRM area. The 30 hours credit sequence involves: 12 hours of core business classes in leadership and organizational principles, 12 hours of specialized coursework in HRM principles, and 6 hours of approved elective credits. Students gain more in-depth knowledge about the tools, techniques and technology available to recruit, hire, develop, motivate and reward employees at any level. This degree is especially useful for those working professionals who already hold a general undergraduate business degree and wish to expand their career options.

Professional MBA with a Human Resources Management Specialization

The professional MBA degree program offers with a specialization in HRM is completed in 48 credit hours: 30 credits of standard MBA classes, 3 credits in international business principles, and 15 approved elective credits. For an HRM specialization, 12 of the 15 elective credits would be in courses related to this focus area. Specialization content includes advanced studies of compensation administration, training and mentoring techniques, performance management, HR analytics, and leadership development. The MBA with an HRM specialization benefits students who have just completed an undergraduate degree program in business administration or working professionals who are ready to move up to higher level administrative positions within the HR field.

University of Colorado – Denver
Attention: Business School
Campus Box 165
P.O. Box 173364
Denver, CO 80217-3364
Undergraduate Programs: (303) 315-8100
Graduate Programs: (303) 315-8200
B.S. in Business – HRM
M.S. in Management with HRM Specialization
MBA with HRM Specialization

University of Denver

College of Professional and Continuing Studies

Founded 150 years ago, the University of Denver was established for the “public good.” It maintains that commitment to its student body today, offering a wide variety of degree programs and a quality educational experience in more than 100 undergraduate programs and over 120 graduate and professional ones. DU’s business programs have consistently ranked highly over the years by U.S. News and World Report, Businessweek, Poets and Quants, the Wall Street Journal, Forbes Magazine, the Financial Times, and the Princeton Review. The university maintains accreditation by the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools as governed by the standards of the Higher Learning Commission.

Strategic Human Resource Management (SHRM)Graduate Programs

These programs have flexibility for professionals in the workforce by offering classes through an online format or during the evening hours on campus. Developing strategic skills in HR management practices and implementing those skills in global, 21st century workplace settings, underscore the curriculum. There are two specialization areas: Global Human Resources and Human Resource Management and Development.

Global Human Resources (Master’s)

This specialization strives to develop innovative and effective HR strategies to deal with how world trends, global laws, and international business practices affect personnel and organizational operations. Students take 48 credit hours divided between foundational and concentration classes, culminating in a capstone course. Graduates of this program will be better prepared for career advancements within their organizations as they bring a fresh perspective to maintaining their company’s competitiveness in the market place.

Human Resource Management and Development (Master’s)

Following a similar format to the GHR master’s, the HRMD degree requires 48 credit hours of study in foundational and concentration coursework with a capstone project for completion. Specialization shifts focus to learning how to execute business strategies that will develop talent management programs as a function of strategic, organizational goals. Key components of this focus include evaluating, diagnosing and solving problems that arise with organizational change.

University of Denver
2211 South Josephine Street
Denver, Colorado 80208
(303) 871-2291
(800) 347-2042 (Toll free)
SHRM Program Overview
GHR Master’s
HRMD Master’s

University of Phoenix – Colorado Campus

School of Business

The University of Phoenix in Colorado offers undergraduate and graduate programs for working adults to access higher education opportunities. Versatility of programming allows Coursework to be taken online or in traditional campus settings to suit the needs of busy professionals. UP is accredited by the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools under the auspices of the Higher Learning Commission.

Bachelor of Science in Business with a Concentration in Human Resource Management

This foundational, bachelor’s program in business is customized by adding courses that target the specialty area of human resource management. The program’s design covers 120 credits, 54 from general education curricula and the remaining from business core classes, HR concentration coursework, and approved electives. Since the majority of enrolled students are working professionals, courses for skills that are valued by employers may be fast-tracked to earn certificates as degree work progresses, thus allowing for on-the-job benefits prior to degree completion. This degree will help those graduates looking to switch careers into the HRM field or to move up to middle management levels within the profession.

Master of Business Administration with a Concentration in Human Resource Management

For HRM professionals looking to advance into higher levels of administration, the MBA with a concentration in HRM prepares them for that possibility. Coursework focuses on honing leadership abilities, developing organizational strategies for growth, and expanding knowledge about human resource law. The goal of the program is to produce HR managers in administrative positions who use effective strategies with personnel and can meet the challenges of developing HR programs in dynamic, ever-changing business conditions. The program spans a minimum of 48 credit hours through a combination of core business classes and specialization courses in the HRM concentration area.

University of Phoenix – Colorado
Lone Star Campus
10004 Park Meadows Drive
Lone Tree, Colorado 80124-5453
(303) 755-9090
(866) 766-0766 (Toll Free)
No email address available.
B.S. in Business with an HRM Concentration
MBA with an HRM Concentration

University of the Rockies – Denver

Degree Programs

University of the Rockies had its beginnings 16 years ago in Colorado Springs as the Colorado School of Professional Psychology. Its focus is to provide high quality educational graduate and doctoral degree programs in social and behavioral sciences. The university is a noted leader in its field and continues to offer new degree programs and specializations. Today it offers degree programs at two campuses and through online courses. It is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission as part of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools.

Master of Arts (MA) in Organizational Development and Leadership

This master’s degree is offered at UR’s Colorado Springs and Denver locations or may be taken online. The program’s goal is to develop HR personnel who have excellent critical thinking and problem solving skills for dealing with personnel in the workplace environment. Graduates will be able to enhance their coaching techniques and leadership skills, apply systems of psychology to improve work ethics of employees, and assess the business organization’s structure and development for improvements. The program requires 39 credits for completion and covers topics such as: resource management, leadership, training, development, organizational systems, team dynamics, evaluations of productivity, and ethical work behaviors.

Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D) in Organizational Development and Leadership

The Ph.D. in Organizational Development and Leadership emphasizes research and analysis in making improvements to organizational structures and human management programs. This doctoral degree can lead to higher level administrative positions in the human resource management field as well as several other industries. Further, the degree can be focused in several specialization areas including: risk management, organizational diversity, corporate training, or social media and technology. Coursework requires 68 of degree study in several areas of resource management, such as leadership, operations, performance, organizational development and change, global strategies, executive coaching and research practices to improve work ethics.

University of the Rockies
Denver Instructional Site
1201 16th St., Suite 200
Denver, Colorado 80202
(866) 621-0124 (Toll free)
(866) 442-0808 (Toll free)
MA in Organizational Development and Leadership
Ph.D in Organizational Development and Leadership

With the job outlook for careers in human resource management growing nationwide, qualified HR employees will enjoy multiple career opportunities across diverse industry settings worldwide. Graduates with bachelor’s degrees will find satisfying work experiences starting at entry level positions but can quickly move up with experience or further educational training. Those with master’s and doctoral degrees can avail themselves of higher level administrative positions in the field. Since a huge part of every worker’s life is spent on the job, having caring, knowledgeable HR professionals to oversee workplace conditions and to effectively manage labor relations is critical for employee productivity and business success. Considering human resource degrees in Colorado is a wise choice for those who are interested in a fulfilling career that contributes to the well-being of the labor force and provides a variety of enriching pathways for career success.

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